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Sometimes the answer to that question is obvious but most of the time it is complicated, with linkages to many areas of the enterprise. The  Management System  can help you discover the barriers to your success in a systematic way by examining your Structure, People and Processes. Even if the intervention to produce a solution is as focused as laser surgery, a systemic view is required to ensure that you are addressing the real problem and not just a symptom.

This approach will result in a structure and processes that are aligned with your strategy and an engaged workforce. But unlike most methodologies that stop there TMS® goes further by also addressing the barriers that prevent individuals from achieving their potential. It is one thing to drive up an Engagement Index or ensure that individuals have the required capabilities according to some model that defines the required skills. But it is much more complicated to define what qualities result in better decision making, teambuilding and in short, leadership. The Management Sytem extends capability models to include items of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that remove the barriers to individual performance allowing managers to become true leaders. This is especially critical at the higher levels of an enterprise where that star quality can make a dramatic impact on the success of an organisation. Management Sytem will help your enterprise become a true Learning Organisation where mentoring and coaching are part of the DNA and not just lip-service.