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Many suppliers will tout their technology as the Solution to your problems. However technology is nearly never the solution but rather the enabler of the solution. Yet without technology arriving at a solution is often nearly impossible.

Technology selection and deployment

ACTIVmanagement can help you select the technology that will best help you address your requirements. Our experienced staff can help you choose which technology is right for you as well as oversee its deployment. Whether you need to connect a Talent Management system to your existing ERP, choose an ERP that will fit your needs or come up with an application strategy all together, ACTIVmanagment can accompany you on every step of the way.

Survey Platforms

In order to understand if your improvement initiatives are achieving the desired results you will need to audit the areas which you sought to improve. An effective part of such audits are surveys. ACTIVmanagement can develop the right survey tool with you and help you deploy it on an effective survey platform.

Bespoke Development

Should your need be simple, ACTIVmanagement can design a bespoke solution and develop the required applications or interfaces with existing systems. Our predeveloped data and process models  have been developed for easy integration with major ERP systems.


Simulation can be a dynamic tool to model the decision process and simulate outcomes in order to arrive at the best possible scenarios. Our Simulation Platform allows you to model your reality by combining information and the interactions between your organisation's processes. This can also be a useful tool to assess managers decision making capability and as a training tool for executives.