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Our Vision

At ACTIVmanagement we realize that most organisations find themselves at different points of their evolution depending on industry, geography or just corporate culture and that one solution will not fit all. While experts recommend that organisations utilise independent consultants to provide an external non-biased point of view in order to create or validate a particular strategy, the solutions provided by these consultants do not always fit the need. ACTIVmanagement combines empirical data from current research with a pragmatic approach. We will lead your resources in order to arrive at the desired outcome and provide the support and coaching to ensure that the changes are permanent. From strategy or project validation to complete solution delivery, ACTIVmanagement can propose the right approach for your enterprise.

ACTIVmanagement is a Network structure of senior professionals. The Management provides direction, ever evolving research and content as well as long-term stability. Our consultants all have multi-national and multi-cultural experience and provide a rich resource pool to solve the problems of our clients. The Network Structure approach provides our clients with the following benefits:

  • Our clients pay for services - not for offices and overhead

  • ACTIVmanagement consultants are experienced professionals – no on the job training paid by the client

  • Our consultants are paid for services delivered to clients – clients don’t pay for unutilized resources sitting on the bench

  • The ACTIVmanagement resource pool is unlimited in size and experience – we can deliver 100% of the solution even if it lies outside of our core competence

  • Our focus is on adding value to our clients – not forever growing the bottom line