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Our method

Introducing the Management System

Over the years ACTIVmanagement has accumulated a number of tools and methods to deliver solutions to our clients. Our focus has always been to understand the health of an enterprise by analyzing the drivers that motivate the workforce. SCIA (Sociocognitive Intelligence Approach) was developed by Dr. Vitaliy Smirnov and Pr. Stéphane Solotareff to suit this objective. Experience has also taught that without a solid Top-down framework that aligns all activities with the Mission of the enterprise most initiatives fail. Pure hierarchical approaches however while achieving the goal of clearly cascading accountabilities and objectives tend to push organizations into operating at the lowest common denominator of performance. This leads to  a system that removes all barriers to potential and thus performance.

  • Risk Management (focus on Finance Industry)

  • Fraud Management

  • Enterprise Restructuring

  • Enterprise Analytics